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My Fitness Journey

Growing up a shy nerd, I wasn't athletic at all. I much preferred to lose myself in my favorite fantasy novel or sewing project than spend any time getting sweaty.


During my sophomore year of college, I decided to try a workout DVD. I felt an unexpected rush of power in moving weights and my body. Working out helped me release stress and become more confident. As I discovered and embraced the body positive movement, fitness became an integral part of that journey. It became another creative outlet, as I combined my favorite moves and modalities to design my own workouts. In 2015, I earned my Personal Trainer certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) so I could help empower others.


As a body-positive feminist in the fitness industry, I didn't like how much the community focused on weight loss. We're expected to find motivation in shaming and hating our bodies, but in reality that only feeds a downward spiral of negativity. For me, real motivation comes from being inspired by others. So, I combined my favorite pasttime of fangirling with my passion for fitness and created Fangirl Fitness. Positivity-based fitness training to help you unleash your inner superhero.

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