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First Month of BUTI Yoga (30/300 days)

30 days into my 300 days of BUTI yoga challenge and I'm still diggin it. Some days I've done just 10 minutes and some days I've done 90, and having workout options of such varying lengths is incredibly helpful. Cuz sometimes I'm like

and sometimes I'm more like

and it's all I can do to squeeze in a couple minutes of jumping, gyrating, and stretching before work. And you know what? Every minute has counted. I can easily slip into an all-or-nothing mentality, as if not being able to do a full hour means I might as well do nothing. But that's bullshit. 30 BUTI workouts later I'm stronger, more flexible, and more in tune with my body. And every single one of those workouts (even the quickies) helped get me here.

So if you're struggling to fit fitness into your schedule, try just squeezing in 5 or 10 minutes today. There are a billionty short workouts on Youtube (my favorite channels are Melissa Bender, Blogilates, and Yoga with Adriene), including this 10 minute BUTI quickie:

Don't feel discouraged by a busy schedule. It's awesome that you're being such a bawse, and your body definitely deserves a few minutes of care and attention. Because in the immortal words of Tina and Amy:

And "Stuff" includes self-care (like bustin a move to your favorite songs...)

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