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3 Months of BUTI Yoga (75/300 days)

Already 1/4 done with my 300 day BUTI challenge!

I was never a yoga person. But in the last 3 months (rest days don't count towards the 300 total), BUTI yoga has become part of my routine. After years of hating yoga, I actually do yoga now. And enjoy it.

I still can't do (or I suck at) most balances and twists. I never remember the traditional names for any of the poses. And I swear out loud at least twice every workout. But I'm legit proud of myself because:

1) In the first couple of months I did 10-15 minute routines on most days... But in the last month, I've done 30-60 minutes every day.

2) I actually wake up looking forward to BUTI. I am NOT a morning person and I hate waking up early. 4 months ago, the thought of waking up at 6am to do an hour of yoga would have made me cringe.

But that's what I do now... My body has (finally) started adjusting to getting up early. I wake up actually kind of excited to stretch, and shake it like a salt shakeh.

3) BUTI makes me smile.

As hard as it is, BUTI is still fun. There's some sort of primal release that happens where I just feel good and start to smile through the sweat. The blend of stretching, dancing, and jumping around taps into some happy little part of my brain and I end up smiling as much as swearing.

The annoying part of my brain that wants to judge me and how "good" I'm doing is getting easier to shush as the happy little part of my brain gets stronger. I know that I suck at BUTI sometimes. And I still enjoy doing it.

4) My plyometric power be poppin.

Teaching classes and doing other workouts these last couple of months I've noticed more power and stamina, especially in my legs and core. It's felt pretty fucking badass.

Overall I'm pretty stoked to keep going with this challenge, and see how much stronger I feel at the end of it...

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