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Defy The Patriarchy By Loving Your Body

I recently got sent this question on my Tumblr page, and wanted to share my response here too:

"Do you have any tips on how to get over or at least minimise low body self esteem? I think you talked a bit about this in an earlier ask of mine but I still often feel bad about my body, when I eat things like doughnuts, like my workout is not effective etc"

Yes! Buckle up my friend because I have a lot to say on this topic…

Body love is a journey, so keep in mind that it’s something you’ll continue working on for most of your life. And 99.9% of the media out there (ads, movies, tv shows, etc) is designed to make you feel insecure, because insecure people spend more money than confident people. So loving your body means constantly fighting against the barrage of messages we get every day telling us to feel ashamed of our bodies. Old racist misogynist billionaire business owners are making money off of your insecurities. All the bullshit ads selling weight loss garbage are designed in boardrooms full of greedy men in suits so that they, and the greedy men who pay their salaries, can take more money from women. So if you’re a feminist like me, remember that every time you think a negative thought about your body the Tr*mps of the world are winning.

Also, I love the above gif for a billionty reasons - remember when you were a little girl playing dress-up and you just knew you looked amazing? You didn’t have time to hate your reflection, you had a kingdom to rule and sandcastles to build and dragons to befriend? Imagine what we could accomplish as adults if we all felt that way now…

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